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Create a new residential tenancy agreement

We have created this simple tool to help investment landlords create new residential tenancy agreements. It's easy to use by landlords with lots of rental properties and by those with far fewer. You can use this tool even if you're not a BPF member.

There are versions for assured shorthold tenancy agreements, including the three approved deposit protection schemes, for company lets and non-Housing Act agreements.

If you are likely to create multiple agreements, you can store elements - like your name and logo, yours and your agent's addresses - as defaults so that you don't have to fill them in every time. The site is password protected, so you don't have to worry about the security of your information.

You can use the tool to create pdf documents you can save and print off. If you would like to see an example of a finished document, click here.

To get started, all you need to do is register - all you need to provide is a username, your email address and a password.

We hope you find our tenancy agreement creator useful.

British Property Federation tenancy agreements are legal documents that will have a binding effect and are only intended for use in relation to property in England and Wales. In producing them, we have tried to cover most common circumstances and conditions. However, how appropriate they are will depend on your property's specific circumstances and your requirements as a landlord. You may wish to take legal advice on the suitability of the documents to your individual circumstances.

British Property Federation and its staff can not accept any liability arising from the use of the tenancy agreement software to create this document or from the contents of this document as created.

The British Property Federation owns the copyright rights to the agreement creation software, the format of this document and the document's contents. You may copy this document for your own, and your tenant's, use but you must not sell or licence the document or its contents.

By creating this document, you (the person or company identified as the 'landlord' on page 4) agree to abide by these conditions.

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